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When you need mulch there are many choices. The right color and consistency can bring long term enjoyment to your property.
Installed at 3″ depths and we also do a refresher where we take out the top layer and replace it with a 1″ layer.  All mulch is produced locally in Wisconsin.

Installing new sod on your property is an art form. We will do it right to ensure you get a high quality result.
Sod is Wisconsin grown ad cut fresh either the morning of or the night before.
Designer sod is available for a premium but holds up strong to the elements.

When bad things happen on your property it takes an expert like MWscapes to repair the damage and bring your property back to its previous condition.
We use a single or double netted erosion blanket depending on the slope.
Drain systems are also available.

fall cleanupFall and Spring Cleanup
Our expert team can take away the backbreaking work of cleaning up those falling leaves and get your property in shape for the winter season. In spring we remove broken branches, twigs and the remains of winter damage like mold and burned spots from using salt on driveways and sidewalks. We’ll get your property back in shape quickly while you relax.

irragationIrrigation Systems
We install and maintain irrigation systems to keep your property looking great. In spring we clear the lines, check the heads, replace any that are damaged and test the system to ensure it operates properly. In fall we blow the residual water out of the lines to make sure they won’t be damaged while the winter winds take the temperature below freezing.

lands scaping on a grand scaleLandscape Design
Our ability to design and execute the ‘look’ you have in mind is the best in the area. We’ll take the time to listen to your expectations, dream up a few of our own and deliver an outstanding design that will increase the curb appeal of your property.

hardscrabbleHard scrabble
We are professionals at designing and installing rocks and boulders as part of a landscaping project that will give your property a one of a kind professional appearence that you (and we) will be proud of.

Designing and installing the perfect waterfall as part of your landscaping project can bring years of enjoyment.
We will work with you to find the perfect solution that you will enjoy with your family, friends or that special person in your life with a cool drink under the stars.

small pondsSmall Ponds
The sound of water flowing over rocks and falling into a pond filled with lily pads surrounded by tastefully placed edging including rocks or shrubs can make any back yard the perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon or evening. We will find the perfect solution that will bring joy to your life.

snow removalSnow Removal
When the winter winds blow count on MWscapes to keep the snow off your driveway and sidewalks with fast high quality service. We offer contracts that make calling us when there is work to be done a thing of the past.
Call us today for a FREE QUOTE on your snow removal needs.

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