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What type of mulch should I use?answer

Depending on the customer, wood mulch looks great but requires maintenance for upkeep stone is more expensive but does is permanent.  

How long does it take for my grass to grow in?answer

Grass generally takes 2 to three weeks to start growing and can be cut once it reaches a height of 3 inches or more.  Depending on weather conditions.

Do you deliver topsoil and other materials?answer

imageYes, most of our clients do not have the proper equipment to safely and efficiently handle the weight and size of the product they need. Call us for current pricing if you are doing the work yourself. We include the cost of getting the materials to the work site in our proposal.

How much does mulch cost?answer

This depends on the type scarcity and volume of material required. There are multiple factors that effect this. the type being used, the terrain, is it a refresher or a brand new custom cut bed also the type of weed barrier used will effect the cost. Call us today for a FREE estimate.

Can you install drain systems?answer

We can install drainage systems that run under ground eliminating them from getting in the way of becoming an eye sore.  Wether it is for gutters or a drain tile system we can help to direct the flow of water.

Do you remove overgrown shrubs and bushes?answer

Keeping your property in great shape involves trimming and removing plants that do not fit in with the general ‘look’ you are trying to achieve. Replacing or simply removing excess growth can make a big difference in the ‘Curb Appeal’ of your property. We will be happy to work with you to improve the appearance of your home or business.

When are you available?answer

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday. Normally we start in Spring as soon as the average temperature over fourteen days is 45 degrees. Our season ends when the average temperature drops below forty five degrees in the fall. Due to the growing requirements of specific trees, shrubs, plants and flowers, there are certain times of the season when this work should NOT be attempted because it can create long term damage or even kill them. Call us today to find out when we can do the work safely.

Where are you located?answer

We are located in Mukwonago and serve clients within a fifty mile radius. If your property is outside our service area please call us, we make exceptions for great clients.

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